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Allied Pilots Association urges support
Allied Pilots Association urges support 
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Families of Continental Flight 3407
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Allied Pilots Association urges adoption of secondary cockpit barriers
Allied Pilots Association urges adoption of secondary cockpit barriers: "Never Again"  Read More >>
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We Have a Right to Review FAA Records on 01/19/17
Fellow pilots, At the core of APA’s mission is our duty to protect the integrity of the safety of flight operations performed by our pilot...
Allied Pilots Association: President Obama Has Work to Do on Norwegian Air International on 01/11/17
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Captain Dennis Tajer, 847-902-8481; Gregg Overman, 817-302-2250/817-312-3901 ALLIED PILOTS ASSOCIATION: PRESIDENT ...
American Airlines is Last in Rankings But First in Revenue on 01/11/17
APA Information Hotline This is APA Communications Director Gregg Overman with the APA Information Hotline for Wednesday, Jan 11. AIRLINE RANKING...
Headquarters Closing Early on 01/06/17
This is APA Communications Editor Dan Koller with the APA Information Hotline for Friday, Jan. 6. HEADQUARTERS CLOSING EARLY: Due to a rare...
AA Management Pilots: No. 1, APA Line Pilots: No. 4 on 12/22/16
Management Pilots to Receive Up to 55% Profit Sharing vs. Your 3% In this week’s edition of “Carey On,” APA President CA Dan C...
“Enough is Enough,” Says APA President CA Dan Carey on 12/22/16
“APA intends to go for great, not fourth,” CA Carey emphasizes in the newest edition of “Carey On.” In this video, he sha...